Comparison/Film Opening

Finally! I finished my film opening task but this is not the end, I should find a film to compare my film with to see if I have covered all the techniques of a successful film opening. I decided to choose the same film I choose in my research which is If I Stay.

The film If I stay talks about a girl called Mia who is cellist, her parents and brother dies in an accident when she was with them, she was the only survivor. The film revolves around flashbacks that Mia starts to remember after the accident happened. Mia is dating a guy who is a guitarist. They had some issues because she had to choose between him and her college.

Both my film and if I stay has the same genre. the also kind of have the same message. The main ideas in the film If I Stay were about family relationship and facing all the difficulties in order to stay alive and to stay with her boyfriend. In my family the main story was about the relationship between mother and daughter but it is not an ordinary relationship. Also my opening film starts with revealing secrets.

If I Stay started with a soundtrack and a voice over. and then a dialogue between the family. There was radio that was broadcasting that there is no school for that day. This was a diegetic because I was able to see the radio. In my film I also used alarm sound and a voice over then a dialogue. This was kind of similar to the film If I stay. Even my soundtrack was dramatic.

My film contained many various shots such as Extreme long shot, long shot, closeup, over the shoulder, medium shot, and medium close up shot. However the difference between my film and the film If I stay is that my opening scene contains more shots and I didn’t add an establishing shot while If I stay contained an establishing shot in the first scene.

Another difference is the credits. All my credits appeared in the second and third scene. While all the credits in the film If I stay appeared at the end of the film. The title of If I stay appeared immediately after the intro production introduction. While my title appeared after the first scene ended.

Camera Work:

Establishing Shot




Extreme Close up Untitled 1.png
Medium Shot

Untitled 2.png

Point of view


Long Shot


Untitled 3.png
Extreme Long


Untitled 4.png
Over the shoulder


Untitled 5.png
Medium Closeup


Untitled 6.png





Evidence of work/ Opening Scene-Sound techniques

Intro soundtrack(non-diegetic sound)
aThe scene starts with her footsteps ,the audience can hear and see the source of the sound  therefore it is a synchronous sound. Also there was an ambient sound which was the sound of the air and the noise of the street.

synchronous sound of her footsteps, ambient sound



 I added a sound track to make the audience intrigued and to make them feel that something is going to happen.I added a fade in and a fade out for this soundtrack.

soundtrack fades in and out


New soundtrack fades in and out


In this shot I added an alarm sound which wasa non-digetic sound.

Non-diegetic Sound.

Here I added a voice over of her thoughts and I added to it a reverb effect to give it an echo.

Voice over with reverb effect

The red colored clip is the sound of the shot that I inserted.

sound mixing

Here is the direct sound (diegetic)from the film which was the dialogue 


direct sound , dialogue , soundtrack

Here there was a dialogue between  Emily and Suzy and the same soundtrack was still playing,therefore there was a sound mixing. At the end of dialogue, I added a fade out transition  to end the film.

dialogue ,soundtrack, sound mixing


Evidence of work/ Opening Scene-Editing techniques


In the first scene I added an introduction for the production company . At the end of the production clip, I added a fade out at the end of it, and a fade into the first shot of the first scene while she was walking.
In this screenshot I wanted to show that I added a fade out to end the scene and then I added a black screen to add the title. That was done to let the audience know that the first scene has ended.
I added black and white 50% effect to give the audience a clue that this scene happened in the past.


This was the Tittle. The text type is sitka subheading, and the size is 14. I added a fade in and a fade out.
And this another text media I added when I decided to add tge credits. I started with the producer, the font was Stika small and the size of the font is 10. I added a fade in and a fade out.
This shot was the close up that I took for the protagonist.
I inserted this shot on purpose because I wanted to add a special thing in between the shots.
Here I used the contunity system in editing because I matched the actors movement from different angles.
When the dialogue scene began, I used the shot reverse shot technique.